Wednesday, January 22, 2003

The Providence Journal Takes Notice

“There is nothing that can’t be blogged,” says the Providence Journal. “This one’s devoted to the devotional statue.”

Tell me about it!

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Another Shrine to Visit

There is a shrine to the Holy Infant Jesus in, of all places, Bangalore, India.

Construction of the Bangalore shrine began in 1977 and the church was blessed and opened in 1979.

Infant Jesus Shrine
Bangalore, India

The Holy Infant intervened several times in the construction of the church, as is relayed in the history of the site.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Holy Infant of Prague

Divine Infant Jesus, I know you love me and would never leave me.
I thank you for your close presence in my life.

Miraculous Infant, I believe in your promise of peace, blessings, and freedom from want.
I place every need and care in your hands.

Lord Jesus, may I always trust in your generous mercy and love.
I want to honour and praise you now and forever.


Thursday, January 16, 2003

A Blogger’s Reminiscence

Blogger Kieran Healy, who is Irish and therefore refers to the Infant of Prague as the Child of Prague, offers a reminiscence from childhood:

“The thing about Child of Pragues was that the statue was so cheaply made that the head would inevitably break off, the neck being the weak point in the design. . . . Irish kitchen drawers and garages are full of decapitated zombie Child of Pragues.”

Kind of creepy, but precious nonetheless. (And what about the Infant of Prague isn’t precious?)

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Church of Our Lady of the Victory

The Infant of Prague can be visited at his home on the web at a site maintained for the Church of Our Lady of the Victory.

They even have photographs of the Carmelite Sisters changing his dress!

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

eBay the the Infant of Prague

If you didn’t already know, there are always plenty of great Infant of Prague devotional items up for auction at eBay. To see the latest selections, click here.
Infant of Prague Novena Prayer

O Child Jesus, I have recourse to you by your holy mother; I implore you to assist me in this necessity, for I firmly believe your Divinity can assist me. I confidently hope to obtain your holy grace. I love you with my whole heart and my whole soul. I am heartily sorry for my sins, and entreat you, O Good Jesus, to give me strength to overcome them.

I am firmly resolved never to offend you again and to suffer everything rather than displease you. Henceforth, I wish to serve you faithfully. For love of you, O Divine Child, I will love my neighbor as myself. O Jesus, Omnipotent Child, I entreat you again to come to my assistance in this necessity: (remember your petitions)

O Divine Child, and still the great, omnipotent God, I implore you through your most holy Mother's most powerful intercession and through the boundless mercy of your omnipotence as God, for a favorable answer to the intention I so earnestly ask for in this novena.

Grant me the grace of possessing you eternally with Mary and Joseph, and of adoring you with your holy angels and saints.

O Divine Infant of Prague

Hear my prayer and grant my petition

Let us pray:

[From the Shrine of the Infant of Prague, New Haven, Conn.]
Infant of Prague Shrine

Did you know there is a wonderful shrine to the Infant of Prague in New Haven, Conn., maintained by the Dominican Friars?

The shrine’s web site may be visited here, though I should mention that the site is not particularly advanced.